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Agfa Graphics

Is a leading supplier to the printing industry. All over the world, we supply sign & display companies with a range of highly productive and versatile wide-format inkjet printers and dedicated inks, in addition to workflow automation software. We also serve various industries by developing our state-of-the-art inkjet inks in printing solutions that are integrated into existing manufacturing processes.


It’s about solutions!


One of the advantages of Agfa Graphics’ extensive experience is that we have been making hardware, productivity software and media for generations. We understand how one component affects the other. We do not make a single inkjet printer, manufacture a new set of inks, create inkjet media or engineer workflow software without taking each component into consideration.

It works like this: The ink you use with your printer must be able to support the print head speed and media adhesion necessary to produce perfect prints. Color management is critical to consistent, proof matching output. The workflow drivers and seamless MIS integration is what ensures optimal productivity, reduced waste, and low cost of operation.

Bottom line: We are the only company that produces every component of the inkjet workflow, making sure that you have flawless interaction at every step in the production process.


Agfa Graphics Nordic

With offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Sales in Iceland managed by the Danish organization while Finland is responsible for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Joint Nordic management and common access to highly qualified specialists in support, service and training demonstrates our great strength. Concentrated resources on the areas of competence and business development, quality assurance and logistics offers additional benefits. While maintaining the national and local character in terms of marketing, sales and customer care.

På mässan kan du se allt detta i verkligheten där vi visar Agfas hybridskrivare Anapurna H3200i LED 3,2m, som fick priset Product of the Year 2018 av SGIA i kategorin UV printer 100.000 - 500.000$.

Vi visar också arbetsflödesprogrammen Asanti och Apogee. Apogee Prepress v11 - samproduktioner och automatisering I senaste versionen av Agfas prisbelönta arbetsflöde Apogee Prepress har fokus lagts på det allt större behovet av att producera olika job