Automatic Letter Bender

Automatic Letter Bender

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Automatic Letter Bender is leader on the market of bending machines. We offer a complete solutions for 3D Channel Letters production – bending machines, CNC Routers Black Series, laser welders and accessories: aluminium and stainless steel tapes, profiles, advesives, hand tools. Customers can pick from a wide choice of tapes and profiles, so they can create even the most sophisticated forms of letters or logos using our machines. The quality of both bending and precision is ideal, thanks to cutting technology leaving the edges smooth and aesthetic.

On the market we distinguish with high-level technology which gives a very good quality and a precision of feeding (± 0,1-0,2 mm) and bending. It means there is a possibility to achieve the same parameters of bending forms.

We offer fully stably machines, guaranteeing long-time of faultless work, easy service, availability of replacement parts of machines and the best quality of materials. Using our machines enhances the company’s performance in the production of letters. We help to our customers in every aspects, ensuring mobile and online service, specialist training, technical support and reaching quickly to customers in countries worlwide.

At the Sign&Print Stockholm 2019 we will be presenting our the most universal machines.

First of them – ALB-04 UNI 180 is perfect for bending aluminium tapes with thickness 0,4-2,0 mm and stainless steel tapes with thickness 0,4-1,0 mm. Minimal radius is R=7 mm. ALB-04 UNI 180 uses 2 cutting systems – an industrial knife for stainless steel and a cutter for aluminium. With this machine we can bend flat tapes and profiles – F-profile, Trigonal profile TGP, Rectangle profile RCP and Super Letter profile.

Another machine – ALB-02 COMBO 160 bends aluminium tapes with 0,4-1,2 mm and stainless steel tapes – 0,4-0,8 mm. In this case minimal radius is 3,0 mm. The machine offers 2 ways of bending – by roller and patting system. The roller bends perfectly curved profiles Double Folded Tape DFT, Trigonal profile TGP, Rectangle profile RCP and Supper Letters. The patting system bends flat stripes made of aluminium or stainless steel. Two systems of cutting ensure work with both type of materials.

ALB bending machines are famous worldwide; our technology is appreciated in Europe, Asia and Africa. For example we have clients in Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, the Middle East and Israel. In 2017 we established a new trade office in Italy. On March 2018 we opened a showroom at the office in Birmingham.