Practical information

Below you will find all practical information for your participation. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact information can be found under Contact.

Do you want to stay near Kistamässan?

The Scandic Victoria Tower is next to Kistamässan. Read more at Scandic Victoria Towers. If you enter the code D000037704 you get a 10% discount.

Just a short walk from the fair you will also find Connect Hotel Kista, enter the code ”Kistamässan” on booking and you will receive a 15% discount.

Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 Kista
+ 46 (0)8-506 650 00

Lat: N 59º 24´ 21.26″
Long: E 17º 57´ 24.42″

Download your and your exhibitors’badges by signing up here:

Badges will be worn throughout the fair as well as moving in and out.

Do you have colleagues or customers visiting the fair but who do not work in the booth they must register as a visitor, they can register for a free ticket here:

If you want to order catering to the stand or lunch coupons for your staff, contact KM Restaurants, alt. +46 (0)8 410 608 20.

Maria Wiig , Project manager Easyfairs

+46 (0)8-506 650 42,


Peter Ollén, Sales manager AGI

+46 (0)730 29 87 33,


Daniel Wahlgren, Sales AGI

+46 76 317 80 91,


Lina Cristianson, Project manager AGI

+46 (0)733 526573,


Jannica Bergman, Project manager Workman Event:

+46 (0)8 410 356 89,

The fair is responsible for the general cleaning.

The fair offers cleaning for all exhibitors after the last building day, so all the stands become vacuum cleaned.

If you want other cleaning in your stand, this is ordered via ServiceCenter which is associated with a cost.

We want all booths to be cleaned well in advance of the fair, but no later than noon. 8 pm the night before the fair opens. In poorly cleaned stands, Kistamässan can decide on cleaning – and this is always at the exhibitor’s expense.

Subway (Towards Akalla – Kungsträdgården)
Get off at station Kista, appr. 102 min walk to Kistamässan.

Commuter train (Towards Märsta/Upplands Väsby – Södertälje)
Get off at Helenelunds station, appr. 5 min walk to Kistamässan.

SL Local bus (Trafficked by the lines: 603, 627, 155, 514, 518)
Stop: Viderögatan, on Torshamnsgatan

Visit SL’s website for full travel information and to plan your trip.

See Kistamässans fire regulations HERE

Since Kistamässan are unable to handle goods and deliveries before 2 of February, all exhibitors in need of
early deliveries will be directed to MTAB transit warehouse between 31/1-1/2 February.
MTAB will deliver all goods to Kistamässan 2/2 February 07:00 alt 12:00. Book by contacting MTAB, Robin Adelstrand, +46 76 209 34 37,
Read more in the PDF.

Deliveries from 2:d of February:
The goods reception at Kistamässan is open during the construction days (Sat, Sun, Mon) but we would like to draw your attention to the fact that any waiting times may arise during the reception of goods during these days. Please inform your transport.

Please mark the goods carefully with the following: Sign & Print / Company / Number
Kistamässan Vågögatan 3, 164 40 KISTA

Kistamässan offers wired (LAN) and wireless (WIFI) Internet access.

If stability and reliability is crucial, wired connection is always recommended.

To order wired internet (LAN) please contact:

Kistamässan is not liable for clients’ and exhibitors’ computers and/or applications. Only network equipment provided by Kistamässan is allowed to be used. Private wireless routers, networks and other transmitting radio equipment are therefore not allowed as these may interfere with the Kistamässan’s wireless network. Kistamässan reserves the right to

disconnect the customer’s equipment if it interferes with the in house network.

Kistamässan may conduct scans of the network to detect unauthorized devices.

The wired connection should be ordered in advance and offers high capacity and reliability. The wireless network supports 802.11b/g/n. Please note that many simultaneous
connections/users may affect the speed. Address allocation is through DHCP.
In case of special needs of wireless networks, Kistamässan can setup a customized wireless network according to pre-order.
For special requirements, always consult the project manager at Kistamässan

In cooperation with If Insurance, Kistamässan has developed the market’s most favorable and easiest insurance for our exhibitors. Liability insurance covers damages claims made against the exhibitor of the exhibition in connection with fairs in Kistamässa premises as a result of personal injury or property damage and property damage resulting from the terms of compensation or property damage.

This exhibition insurance includes the following:

– Your goods are fully insured during transport to and from the fair incl. loading and unloading
– Your goods are fully insured at the fair, including packing and unpacking
– All transport to and from the  fair within EU/EFTA
– For most damage events, excess 1 000 kr. In other events, see the terms (eg in violation of car)
– Applicable to fire, water and burglary

If you have any further questions, please contact
Normal construction height is 2,5 meters. Stand constructions above the normal height must be agreed upon in advance and a fee of 4950 SEK will be added on. The lights in the stands are not
included. Drawings of the height constructions have to be sent to for agreement at least 30 days before for approval.
Constructions higher than 2,50 meter requires anchoring from the ceiling with safety wire.
Have you ordered technology and interior decoration for your stand?

We work with Workman Event, a company that has been active in exhibitions and events since 1998. Workman Event operates Kistamässan Technical Department and provides monter service.

Download exhibitor information in English.
This document contains all technical information concerning your stand and your participation. Remember to forward this information to those responsible for the planning and construction of your stand.

Project manager:
Jannica Bergman, Projektledare Workman Event:

+46 (0)8 410 356 89,

In English:

Order in time, no later than 4 January
Note that Workman charges 30% extra for items and services if you order them later than January 4th.

Moving in (Gate 2A)
Saturday 2/2 kl. 07.00 – 22.00
Sunday 3/2 kl. 07.00 – 22.00
Monday 4/2 kl. 07.00 – 22.00
For machinery and material that weighs more than 1000 kg, a forklift service must be booked a minimum of a week in advance. Carpets will be laid out in all aisles during the last day of
construction. All the public areas must be kept clean from exhibitor items, waste material and
packaging from 5 pm on this day to facilitate this.
Regarding additional time for stand construction, please contact:
Jannica Bergman +46(0)8-410 35689, mail.
Please note that the work electricity is only permitted at additional moving in time!
10A/230 V is ordered separately to an extra cost.

Expo Xtra.

We have developed a series of services that reinforce your online participation in attendance and facilitate the visitor to remember your booth, business and offerings. No matter product, service or idea. We call it Expo Xtra.
Read more in pdf. (in swedish)

Moving Out
Thursday 7/2 kl. 17.30 – 24.00
Friday 8/2 kl. 07.00 – 15.00
All goods stand must be packed and stowed on pallets or roll cages in exposed of removal. This is a requirement because we have to move the goods.

Starting to pack your items and moving out of the stand before 17.00 the last day of the exhibition is not permitted.The stand must be staffed, until this time. If this is not followed, a penalty fee of 10 000 SEK will be charged to the exhibitor.

The first 15 -30 minutes after the exhibition closes, the visitors are leaving the exhibition halls – during that time are we for safety reasons, not allowed to deliver the empty packaging into the halls. Neither can we open the loading doors and gates during this time for safety reasons. The aisles must be kept free from goods and other things, so that we can begin with the goods handling as soon as the visitors has left the halls.

Opening hours for visitors are available from 9.00 to 17.00 o´clock.

Opening hours for exhibitors:

February 2: 07.00-22.00 (moving in)
February 3: 07.00-22.00 (moving in)
February 4: 07.00-22.00 (moving in)
February 5: 07.00-18.00
February 6: 07.00-18.00
February 7: 07.00- 17.00 (17.30-24.00 moving out)
February 8: 07.00-15.00 (moving out)

In close proximity to the Kistamässan there are plenty of parking spaces available as well as further places in the immediate area. The P-tickets can be bought either for one or more days at one time, they are purchased at the ticket machines on the parking lot. The vending machines accept both debit cards and cash.

Check the drawing if your booth contains pillars. They are marked as red dots on drawings. Dimensions: 50 × 50 cm in Hall 1 and 30 × 30 cm in Hall 2.

If so, we would like to remind you that the pillar may optionally be equipped with fire extinguishers and/or water pipes. Please contact the Workman to look at how to use or hide these.

Jannica Bergman, Projektledare Workman Event:

+ 46 (08) 410 356 89,

Plants are available to rent or buy.

For special requests call Södertörns Växtinredning (flower distributor) on +46 (0)8 500 266 80.

Transfer Taxi (fixed prices) tel: +46 (0)20-35 00 00

Taxi Stockholm tel: +46 (08)-15 00 00

Taxi 020 tel: +46 (0)20-20 20 20

Taxi Kurir tel: +46 (08)-30 00 00

Exhibitors with stand-alone stands (stands with at least three free sides) are required to submit a drawing on any wall building for approval by the Workman Event.

For wall constructions longer than 4 meters, Kistamässan use fittings support in the form of support brackets, additional wall modules or the like. At the expense of the exhibitor, these support may in some cases be replaced by safety wires from ceilings, if the exhibitor so wishes.

Structures greater than 2.50 meters require anchorage against safety ceilings. For construction and advertising messages etc. exceeding 2.50 meters, a fee of 4950 SEK will be added. See section Increased Height construction.

Drawings on wall constructions must always be submitted to: for approval.

Hallplan latest version

Promote your participation at the fair
Here you will find banners for the fair that you can download and use in your marketing. Please share your participation in social media.
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Badges/exhibit card
If you work in the stand, print your exhibit card. The cards are to be worn throughout the trade fair as well as moving in and out. Link to registration for exhibitors:
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Update your exhibit page
All exhibitors are featured on this page -> Edit your exhibitor profile with logo, pictures and information about what you show at the fair.